We came to Dr. Cohl when we were ready to take the natural approach to our acne. We had tried everything before coming to Dr. Cohl and after a few months of working with him and adjusting various parts of our lifestyle that had a negative impact on our acne, our faces began to take a huge turn for the better. It was amazing how changes in dietary habits and unconscious daily routines fixed a problem we had been trying to fight for years. After coming to dead ends trying to get rid of acne, it's refreshing to know why we had acne and how we can control it.
We are so thankful for Dr. Cohl and the endless amount of time and effort he has put into making our skin look so much clearer. He has helped us so much and we would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Cohl!

- Ali & Lucas

For years I had been suffering from severe foot pain which was impacting my daily activity and lifestyle. So I decided to try this Dr. Cohl’s program as a last resort and effort to find a solution to get me back to my regular routine rather than just accept my condition which limited me to a very inactive lifestyle.
The program which Dr. Cohl recommended for me changed my eating behaviors, which in turn resulted in considerable weight loss and a full recovery from the pain which I had lived with for several years. The most noticeable and apparent change from the program was a 20% reduction in my weight, but the most impactful benefit is that I now am able to be energetic, active, and feel healthy. The tell tale sign that the program has worked for me is that I have been able to maintain my ideal weight for the last 18 months as part of my everyday routine. After 1 month I adopted the new program as an inherent way of life, meaning without even thinking about being on any program. Thank You Dr. Cohl, you truly did get my life back to where I am active and enjoying all the things I love to do everyday. 

My wife met with Dr. Cohl to address the physical challenges of training for a marathon after the age of 40.  After completing a thorough and non-evasive series of tests, he determined elements of her nutrition that were keeping her from meeting her optimal weight and fitness goals.  After correcting her diet, she also experienced rapid weight loss and optimal physical stamina and energy.  

My wife and I were recommended to Dr. Cohl by our couple friends who also had great successes with energy and dietary transformations. So we both decided to discuss individual programs for different reasons and both are enjoying the results we have experienced. We highly recommend the program and have been witnesses of many successes to those we have recommended to Dr. Cohl.

-Anthony Nuzzo


I went to see Dr. Cohl because of chronic back pain. I had tried every traditional remedy without success. During treatment Dr. Cohl explained that the pain was caused by emotional stress rather than a physical cause.  This was quite surprising.  He relieved the pain quickly (another surprise) and the therapies he used has taught me how to manage stress much better. My back pain is gone and has not returned. I would recommend Dr. Cohl to anyone with a chronic condition who has tried traditional remedies without success.

-Naro Ram, M.D.


I went to see Dr. Cohl because I was having constant wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain.  My hobby is playing classical piano and these pains prevented me from playing comfortably and I was totally unable to practice for long periods of time.  This year I had to prepare for my first ever solo piano recital.  I couldn't have done it without Dr. Cohl.  During the months he treated me, there was a marked decrease in my arm pains as well as an increased sense of vigor and well-being.  On the actual day of my recital which was on a Sunday, Dr. Cohl opened his office just for me, to give me a final treatment.  Additionally, he actually attended my recital so he could treat me during intermission.  Now that is going above and beyond the call of duty!! Besides being a great healer Dr. Cohl has always exhibited a wonderful warmth and great sense of humor.  I can wholeheartedly reccommend him without any any reservations.

- Alan L. Hymowitz, O.D.


Using Dr. Cohl has transformed my family in so many ways. First of all, his Healing techniques literally help give birth to my first born. Let me explain. My wife Natasha was going through some emotional issues due to her past conditioning, the stress of a new marriage as well as a recent accident we had when she was pregnant. Because of these issues we were a couple weeks late with our Baby. The day right after we saw Dr. Cohl my little Girl, MiAngel was delivered to the world without any medication or complication. We went to the hospital at 7:00am and delivered her at little after 1:00pm, incredible.  Second of all, my relationship with new wife was not a good one for several months after our Marriage, thanks to Dr. Cohl and his Emotional Healing techniques, I was able to stop blaming her for things and take full responsibility for our happiness and my happiness. Thank you Dr. Cohl you have been a Godsend in our life, May God continue to bless you and your practice.  Peace and blessing.

- Jacques Allrich Jr.


I have been seeing Dr. Cohl for only a short two months and feel and see physical improvements in myself.  Like many around me, I have been going through many stressful situations in my life and the burdens of those situations have been reduced.  I literally feel lighter after receiving the treatments.  I am very physically active and have noted many improvements in my abilities that I was struggling to achieve on my own before treatment.  The most dramatic improvement I have noted is my ability to feel more at ease during stress that surrounds me.  I feel more capable to handle the pressures and stress from everyday life and the additional stresses that are occasionally thrown in are no longer robbing me of my energy and mental function as they used to.  Dr. Cohl has helped me resolve an injury related issue I have lived with for over 5 years in less than 2 months; whereas, this same issue took the medical community 5 months seeing 1 general doctor, 2 neuro-surgeons, 1 anthesiologist, and 1 physical therapist and I was told I would need to ‘just live with it’.  Dr. Cohl is on the forefront of a new science of healing that will change the way we look at health and wellness and if anyone has every been dissatisfied with the medical community for their ability to ‘fix’ a problem, they should know there is another more powerful method that can bring health beyond what they think is possible today.  See Dr. Cohl today you deserve it and so do those you love.

- Marty Apple


I have been a patient of Dr. William Cohl for several months, and I am very pleased with the progress I am making under his care.  His highly skilled usage of a unique combination of healing methods and techniques is very effective as a treatment for a variety of ailments.   I have had breathing problems (COPD) for several years and a very low energy level.   Dr. Cohl has the ability to root out and eliminate issues that have been a burden to me for years, bringing about almost immediate improvement both physically and emotionally.  These issues have been causing blockages in my life for years, yet the removal has been very rapid and dramatic.    I have experienced improved breathing and a pronounced increase in energy, and the improvement is still continuing.  He does all this in a warm, gentle and caring manner that inspires trust, and creates a safe environment that encourages healing.  I have referred friends to Dr. Cohl, and all of them have been extremely pleased with his care.  

- Sheryl Wilday


This message of THANKS will never compare to what Dr. Cohl and Applied Kinesiology did for both my physical and mental being. I am one of millions that have a similar story, but we all feel unique as we tread through the darkness and depression of chronic lower back pain- for me it was 18 years of constant maintenance and care. Then came that “YEAR”, where mentally and physically I no longer knew if I could continue on. The relentless crippling pain drove me to try anything the medical industry laid out as a possible solution. First it was drugs, lots of them; countless epidural injections; surgery; and finally rehabilitation.  The surgeon, who performed the seven hour surgery, started with a discectomy (removal of the two disc), he then inserted titanium cages to account for now missing disc, then as the finale screwed in 6 titanium screws and fused my spine with bone taken from my hip to keep it all in place. During the 6 day hospital stay, I quickly understood the pain was now different, not as before going into surgery.  Three weeks after the surgery I was determined to get on track to having once again a fulfilling life, but was unsure of the next steps. I read before the surgery and confirmed it with the surgeon it was a 50/50 chance of ever being pain free, this was a gamble I took whole heartily. The first step was to gauge this different pain threshold, so I stopped the pain killers and only took Tylenol Extra Strength.  Pain took on a new face, it was now discomfort but tolerable relative to previous bouts with my old nemesis.  Going into my tenth week of recovery I thought that great progress had been made, but still I was far from the goal line. I was up to walking 20 minutes twice a day and just beginning with my swimming rehabilitation three times a week.  It quickly became apparent that my, so I thought young forty year old body deteriorated in many other ways. An enlarged heart that lead to a heartache in the twelfth week of recovery , upper and lower body stiffness and immobility, not to mention the great amount of scare tissue now in my lower back. Darkness once again loomed in all corners of my life, but as fate would have it Dr. Cohl entered my life.  I remember the first meeting; it was 4-5 months after the surgery.  Any kind of touch was met with unrelenting resistance, how funny in retrospect it was the most healing touch I came to know. I don’t like to admit this but after I left his office for the first time I cried like a baby, somehow my body was telling me it would all be okay. That very first time you released immeasurable amounts of mental stress, and muscle fatigue. I now knew what the saying meant that the flood gates were opened.  The therapy performed over the next six months took me from being physically and mentally fragile individual to a state that I do not believe I’ve know since before this back episode all started.  His lessons of Kinesiology, kindness, and patience through treatment put me on the path to total recovery!  Dr. Cohl has a gift and I thank him for sharing it with the world.

- Michael Butkowski


Difficulty walking...continuous stiffness in my hips...leg pain...sadness...these are just a few of the issues I was dealing with before I visited Dr. Cohl for the first time.  I have been a patient of Dr. Cohl’s since August.  In a short amount of time he has helped me face mental issues and has helped me release feelings of sadness and anxiety.  I still have a long way to go, but I now have hope that I’ll be able to face whatever challenges everyday life throws me... and I also have hope now that eventually, with Dr. Cohl’s help, I’ll be able to have strong hips and legs that will allow me to move with no pain or stiffness.  Dr. Cohl has been a lifesaver for me, and I plan to incorporate visits to his office each month as part of my own wellness plan.

- Pat Shepley


Dr. Cohl used Applied Kinesiology to find muscles that were unbalanced and then attempted to determine why that muscle was not functioning properly.  He worked to find the treatment that best balanced my muscles and he helped me get off all the medications sooner than expected.  I thank my lucky stars everyday for Dr. Cohl.  He was able to help me gain total mobility within 3 months - the three crucial months right before our wedding!

- Amanda Gladkowski


The reason I went to see Dr. Cohl was two-fold:   a person I respected recommended it and the truth was I had tried every other option. My problem was simple:  fatigue.   I was always tired.  And any attempt at exercise made me so tired I felt sick.  I tried sleeping more, supplements, eating as healthy a diet as possible, exercise, medical doctors and chiropractic doctors.  Nothing helped.  And this went on for well over ten years. When I went to see Dr. Cohl, I did not really think he could help.  But he thought he could.  And he did.  But as much as I wanted an instant cure, it was more like an up and down graph.  After about six weeks I had about a week that was amazing. My muscles craved exercise and I had surprising endurance when I did exercise.  This lasted about a week and then I plateau.  But some things were encouraging. For whatever reason I noticed my ability to take in oxygen dramatically improved. At times I could see even Dr. Cohl was surprised by this.  And my postured dramatically improved on its own (I made no attempt at better posture, my body simply changed).   Looking back I can see I was always impatient. Although I was improving it was never in a constant, straight line.   I continued because I could see I was getting better and better even though is seemed sporadic.  Then after about six  or seven months I noticed the muscles in my upper body felt stronger and very resilient.  Then the muscles in my lower body did the same.  I simply felt stronger each day. And then one day recognized that I had reached the point of health I wanted.  The defining moment was after about 5 weeks of incredibly long and stressful days, I would get up each day and feel fine.  Before seeing Dr. Cohl, this schedule would have made me a zombie.   I still don't really understand how what he does works, and truthfully I don't care.  But I'm glad I listened to my friend and went to see him.  It changed my life.

- Roy Tucker


Headaches, low energy afternoons and poor sleep were just a few of the things I had to deal with each day.  Then it all changed, I met Dr. Cohl and began a new lifestyle.  I have learned how to manage stress to eliminate the negative effects it has on me mentally and physically.  This change has not been a complete upheaval of the life, but more of a slow adaptation.  The small changes that have been made with Dr. Cohl's approach to overall wellness have made a terrific difference in my life.  I no longer live with headaches, my energy level is up and I have actually been able to sleep.  Just the small changes have rippled through my life.  Now happier and healthier I am moving in many new directions that I never would have considered before.  With Dr. Cohl's help I not only feel better but I have reached for goals never before attempted.  I cannot express how much his help has made the positive difference in my life.

- Debra K. Farina


I have a crazy life and a crazy schedule. I manage a business, go to college, have a roommate, and attempt to have a life beyond that. For five years I have seen doctors for headaches, back pain, and tightness in my chest. Some recommended surgery (hello...I'm only 25!), some got me expensive equipment and therapy, some put me on prescriptions, but none made any of my problems any better. Dr. Cohl has made the biggest difference in my life. So much of the pain I experienced was stress that I just couldn't deal with. You always hear to relax and learn to manage stress, but no one is ever there to tell you how! With Dr. Cohl's guidance, I have more peace in my life and enjoy waking up in the morning. I don't ever want to go back to feeling like I can't do anything, physically or emotionally. Life is too short not to enjoy the journey. If you want to feel good inside and out, then he is your one-stop shop!  

- Quinn Smith


I would like to enthusiastically endorse Dr. William Cohl, Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor.  I went to Dr. Cohl on the recommendation of a friend.  He was helping me to release old hurts, resentments, and anger that I was not even aware I was holding.  When he is working with you, he is able to find things in your lifetime that have been causes of the problems in the present.  I have learned from Dr. Cohl that holding on to negative things can cause illness in your body and will not allow you to heal.  Releasing these negative things allowed me to feel happier, more relaxed, and peaceful.  Working with Dr. Cohl has allowed me to change feelings from my past and allowed me to forgive myself and others.  Every week I learn something new.  He has a gentle and caring manner and his expertise and knowledge of his profession is truly amazing.

- Judy Sprouse


Dr. Cohl is a teacher, with his words of guidance and methods of physical and mental therapy, he teaches us to know and listen to our bodies.  He is a doctor in the truest sense in that he really wants to see people get stronger, and healthier, and won’t give up until he finds the actual root of your physical problems.   I have been seeing Dr. Cohl going on 2 years now, and I don’t want to stop because with each visit is a new discovery about life and myself.  I was hit from behind in a car accident 17 years ago. I was 16 and in top physical condition when it happened.  Afterwards, I suffered from headaches and dizziness and an assortment of aches and pains.    Through these past years I have always believed in chiropractic since my first visit to one when I was 16 made more discoveries’ about my physical problems than the orthopedist I saw after the accident.  After my first chiropractor retired I went to many different chiropractors who all have their own styles and methods, and were all good in their own way.  I realized however that I always got the most relief with the one who practiced Kinesiology.  Unfortunately he was a teacher at the life clinic and he retired also.  After that I searched for years and couldn’t find another one who practiced Kinesiology until Dr. Cohl.  I started seeing him when I was 32, having suffered 9+ years of chronic shoulder pain. This pain was always keeping me from throwing a ball, and swinging a tennis racket or a golf club.  The first time Dr. Cohl touched me, I wondered how such a gentle touch could actually be creating results, then the days following I was pain free, and those days turned into weeks and those weeks turned into months and so on.  It was the first time I could remember in years being able to toss a ball and not feel that pain in my shoulder.  Since then I have been going back to him for other aches and pains as they arise, and in the process each time I have learned more, gotten stronger, feel better, and can feel the actual results of being healthier.

- McKenna Mabry


When I came to you I felt my life was over.  I was going through a divorce feeling very sad, depressed and hopeless.  I really didn’t care if I lived or died.   I felt my spirit was broken and beyond repair.  My self esteem had been destroyed.   Now after working together with you I feel I have been resurrected from the dead.  I feel my spirit, soul and body are whole, healed and well free of all sickness disease and infirmities.  Your healing methods are truly unique and very effective.  I don’t know how it works, I just know it works. You are a very gifted healer with great kindness and compassion. To quote God’s word, “you gave me beauty for my ashes”.  Thank you Dr. Cohl, you truly are an angel sent by God to help his people.  I hate to think of where I might be today if you had not come into my life.  I will be eternally grateful to you for enabling me to get my joy, peace and happiness back; helping me to love myself unconditionally as God loves us all. May God bless you, keep you and prosper you beyond all that you can think or ask for.  I believe you will be very famous one day.

- Anne Schick


What do you say when someone has changed your life.  It is remarkable how much my life has drastically changed in the 4 months since I started going to Dr. Cohl.  When I first came to him, I had chronic back pain, in the middle of a new divorce, and stressed to the max.  Now, I have no pain, am off almost all of my medications and life is fuller now than it has ever been.  Dr. Cohl’s methods and philosophy are so different from anything I have ever experienced.  I truly believe the body does tell him what is going on and he now knows more about it me through this method than even my best friends.  My friends were skeptical and thought I was crazy, but I know how real and accurate he is.  When I went for my initial evaluation, 28 out of  47 muscles were working incorrectly.  That is over half of my body!  I didn’t realize how bad things were, but he quickly showed me how stressors can truly consume you and make your more susceptible to injury.  He was able to do what no other doctor had done before.  He was able to get me out of pain.

I consider Dr. Cohl much more than just a chiropractor.  He is more of a therapist than anything and helped me to deal with issues and things in my past that I had chosen to forget.  It was not easy dealing with all of these tough issues, but I had to face them and he made it much easier.  It was not always on the up and up though.  I did have some downs after particularly hard sessions and when things going on in my life personally, but he gave me tools to help overcome them and it always improved quickly.  I love the fact that sessions are not life-long.  He has a plan and once you have completed it, you are much more capable of facing things on your own.  His treatments are so personalized and everything is geared towards you being strong and self reliant when finished.  He provides you with tools and knowledge so that I am capable of maintaining the progress.  I truly feel my life has changed for the better since meeting Dr. Cohl.  I am able to cope emotionally and physically with everything that goes on in life.  I am better equipped to handle these things that before I had just tried to hide.  He truly is a miracle worker and can listen to your body like no one else.

- Brandi Phillips


I first heard of Dr. Cohl through a co-worker.  My co-worker had been seeing a new doctor for chronic pain, and she was really impressed with her results.  She had been seeing Dr. Chol for a few months, when I casually mentioned that it would be nice if  this new doctor could help me with my arthritis.  She promptly responded “Well, maybe he can!”  I have to admit that I was very skeptical, having believed that there was really nothing that could be done for me except for taking medication.  Well, as everyone knows, all the good arthritis medication was taken off the market, so I decided to give Dr. Cohl a try.  I went to see him a couple of times, and even though I was still a bit skeptical, I decided to take a leap of faith due to my co-worker’s fabulous results.  That was a few months ago and guess what!  I no longer take any type of medication for my arthritis and rarely take anything for any other type of pain!  I wake up feeling good, and go about my day feeling like a completely different person.  Also, Dr Cohl has helped me in many other aspects of my life, too numerous to mention.  Dr Cohl is truly the best doctor I have ever had; he just seems like a miracle worker.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in pain, mentally or physically.

- Gwen Tagart


I have been to doctors, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and so many other people in the healing professions. In all that time, I have made more progress since seeing you than in all the years with the others. You have made the biggest difference in my physical, emotional and mental wellness. I feel that I owe so much to you. Not only have my physical problems been minimized or disappeared, but my personal relationships have improved, my outlook on life, living and succeeding have skyrocketed. One of the biggest changes made has been the tremors that I've been experiencing in my hand for the past 5 or 6 years. Neurologists have named it; "essential tremors". But have done nothing to improve the condition, except recommend surgery. Through the different therapies we've done, I have been able to control the tremors to a point where I don't feel embarrassed in public, because I can hold a plate at a buffet, without losing all the food. Thank you for being who you are. You are one of the wisest and most "tuned-in" people I know.

- Glad Grey


I worked with Dr. Cohl and I am very happy with the results. He helped me find my personal strength and feel healthier. I went in for hip pain that was very deep. I tried several doctors and specialist before Dr. Cohl was recommended to me. None of them worked until Dr. Cohl. I now understand my body and why I have irritations from time to time. He taught me what they meant for me and how I can listen to my own body to help heal itself.

- LoriKay Stone