Advanced Bio-Resonance Testing is a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that is taking a new path in the field of medicine. The basis of Bio-Resonance Testing is founded on recent findings in the field of biophysics. These findings have led to enormous developments in many other fields, but unfortunately not as well in the field of traditional medicine.

With Bio-Resonance Testing you can unveil the true, often hidden causes of illness in many cases.

Bio-Resonance Testing – diagnosis and treatment

 Detected burdens precisely and individually

With Bio-Resonance Testing we typical use frequency patterns of any substance and quickly find out how it influences the patient’s body. The testing is completely painless and in the vast majority of cases we are able to find the burdens that cause the patient’s illness (e.g. bacteria, viruses, electro smog, dental materials, allergens, etc.).

Once the specific burdens affecting the body are determined, a proper and effective treatment plan can be used to restore the body's regulatory processes in order for it to heal itself.