Mansfield University - Mansfield, PA 1993
- B.A Biology
Life University - Marietta, GA 2001
- Doctor of Chiropractic
Life University - Marietta, GA
- M.S. Athletic Training
International College of Applied Kinesiology - 2004
-Professional/Certified Applied Kinesiologist
Functional Medicine University - 2018
-Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

 My Own Story of Illness and Health

Iā€™m often asked where my interest in Applied Kinesiology began. I had what you would describe today as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was in school training to be a chiropractor when my energy dropped to a level bordering between fatigue and exhaustion. No matter what I did, I could not increase my energy level. As a side effect, I began to experience depression (today many medical doctors debate whether depression causes low energy or low energy causes depression). Not having energy to continue with my studies, I had to drop out of school.

I sought treatment from both medical doctors and chiropractors. All of them wanted to help, but nothing worked. This created a hopeless situation because I couldn't find a medical treatment to help me. This continued for almost three years.

Then I heard about a doctor who practiced something called Applied Kinesiology. I had no idea what Applied Kinesiology was and after seeing so many health practitioners who had not helped me, it was only desperation that got me into his office. After listening to my symptoms, he explained that Applied Kinesiology deals with the body as a whole not individual symptoms. This made a lot of sense to me considering all I have been doing is chasing my symptoms and getting no results. He used a dandelion as an example saying "if you cut the weed off at the top, all its going to do is grow back.  You have to address the root of the weed to get rid of it."  He said that if we look at the root causes of your fatigue, you'll be surprised to see it will be a combination of physical, chemical, and mental/emotional issues.

As I started, I was somewhat skeptical about his treatments, questioning them each step of the way because some of it didn't make any sense!  When I started seeing amazing breakthroughs in how I felt, the skepticism turned into amazement.  In a short time I went from feeling chronically fatigued to having an incredible amount of energy.  I noticed that my depression lifted and my entire outlook on life changed.  I was blown away by the results.

My life changed after seeing him.  I went in feeling depressed and fatigued and I left feeling great.  I also left with "tools" that I continually used throughout my life.  I returned to school, got my degree as a doctor of chiropractic and began concentrating on the area of Applied Kinesiology.  Now I'm in the position to help people the way this doctor helped me.

Helping people regain their health has been incredibly rewarding.  I've been able to help people regain their lives just like mine was regained. The relief from chronic issues is why many patients come to me and it is truly gratifying to them, but helping people regain their energy to live their lives fully will always be most satisfying to me.


As far as my personal life, I'm married to my beautiful wife Danielle and we have a wonderful son named Aidan.  I really enjoy fishing and caddying for my son who is an avid golfer.