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How to get your energy back!

Are you low on energy?

Have you lost your mojo?

Do you feel like getting through your day is an uphill battle?

Do you feel like you just want to sit down and do nothing?

Do you feel like you have no drive and you’re just coasting through life?

This is Dr. Cohl and I’ve been in your place before!  I know what it feels like to have no energy.  It feels like you're carrying around an extra 50 lbs!!  It feels like you’re in quicksand and you don’t know if you’ll ever get out.  It feels so hard to focus on something for long periods of time and It’s just plain hard to get things done in your life.

I also know how it feels to be out of that place.  I know what it’s like to feel lighter, more energetic, to have more drive, and to have more focus.  To feel like you're unstoppable!!  

I know exactly what I did to get more energy, to lose weight, to have more drive, and more focus.   I simply followed a step by step process that took all the guess work out of what I needed to do.

If you’re ready to start feeling better and you want a system that will guide you in the right direction, than let me show you how.


Come Join Dr. Cohl for his FREE seminar on:

“How to Get Your Energy Back”

Location: Synergy Release Sports Lobby

Date: Wednesday June 29, 2016

Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm



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