Be Empowered
Knowledge is Power. Armed with the knowledge gained from advanced diagnostic testing and the proper guidance, you will have the power to control your own health. You will learn to identify risk factors for a variety of health problems long before they become symptomatic, enabling you to take preventive and restorative measures to improve and maintain your health for life.



Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Functional medicine lab tests examine blood, hair, stool, urine, or saliva. These tests check your nutritional status, digestive function, allergies, detoxification ability and more.

Advanced Bio-Resonance Testing

advanced bioresonance testing

Bio-Resonance Testing uses concepts of eastern energy medicine, homeopathy, and bio-physics to help the body's self regulatory system.            

Nutraceutical Therapy


The term “Nutraceutical” is a combination of the words “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical.” To put it simply, Nutraceuticals are nutrient-based medicinal supplements.


“We highly recommend his program and have been witnesses of many successes to those we have recommended to Dr. Cohl.”
"I would recommend Dr. Cohl to anyone with a chronic condition who has tried traditional remedies without success."