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Synergy Release Technique (SRT)

The Synergy Release Technique is a unique way of correcting body dysfunction.  SRT was developed by a biomechanical specialist named John Patterson.  He believed that each person, when suffering from some type of stress, goes into their own specific biomechanical stress pattern.  The recognition of this pattern is the “true genius” of the Synergy Release Technique.  Once the certified SRT practitioner evaluates your unique stress pattern he/she will be able to properly bring your body back into balance.   

SRT is a personalized therapy that keeps you on top of your game.  SRT not only locates the root of your pain but also therapeutically corrects and reverses your problem.  Your symptoms not only go away but they stay away when SRT is used to correct it.   

In a short time, a Certified SRT practitioner can take through a patented five step system that starts with an evaluation and ending with a treatment that systematically unwinds your body from dysfunctional and debilitating patterns.

Synergy Release Technique can help you with all your injury prevention and injury rehab needs.

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